Louis Vuitton 2015 Valentine’s Day Digital Plan

The campaign’s theme is “Love, Travel, Memory”. Its objectives are to strengthen brand image, build good relationship, and increase sales. It has two main activations, “deliver your love” on Gmail and app, and “unbox your love” on social media. The timeline is from Jan.10 to Feb.20.



1. This is Louis Vuitton 2015 Valentine’s Day digital plan. It’s theme is “Love, Travel, Memory”.

2. There are three objectives of this digital plan. First, to strengthen LV’s brand image, which is elegance, inspiration, and innovation, and its spirit of traveling in consumer mind. Second, to develop emotional bond with consumers and build good relationship with them. Give them a sense that LV is more than a luxury brand, it cares about them. Third, to increase sales. LV will develop customized products according to consumers’ request in this campaign.

3. In this campaign, target audiences are people who are falling in love with someone and looking for a special Valentine’s gift and way to show their love. Other common points are wealthy, romantic, loving travel and may have purchased LV’s products before.

4. It has three time sections. The first one is called “inspire” from Jan.10 – 31.Jan. In this period, it will release news on social media to make as many as possible consumers know the campaign. The second one is called “engage” from Feb. 1 – 19. It will encourage consumers to participate in this campaign. The third one is called “measure” from Feb. 20 – onward. At that time, it will collect data from all kinds of social media platforms, websites and analyze results and evaluate the campaign.

5. This is a romantic story. The lady met the handsome man when she traveled to Senlis, a small town near Paris. They fell in love immediately. Several days later, they had to say goodbye and go back to their countries. Before leaving, they exchanged email address. Today (Feb. 14, 2015) is their one year meeting anniversary. The lady planed to fly to Paris to see him but the flight had been cancelled because of bad weather. She felt very sad and wanted to send an email to him. At that time, she received an email from Louis Vuitton. It said “LV, A love-memory-box, delivers you to the one you love”.

6. Louis Vuitton will corporate with Google and its app to launch its “deliver your love” campaign. Gmail users will receive a letter from LV to encourage consumers to deliver a virtual customized love box (LV luggage) which contains items such as love letters, perfumes to show the one you love. When they send the letter, they have the chance to win customized monogram luggage with their initials.

LV will also launch an “#unboxyourlove” campaign on social media. It will invite KOLs to unbox their bags and share their love stories first and then invite consumers to join it. In Instagram, it will emphasize pics and videos. In Twitter, it will update latest news and deliver consumers to Instagram and Gmail. In Facebook:  it will encourage consumers to post  their love story on LV’s Facebook page and vote the top three to get secret gifts.

7. LV will use Google AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter to promote its campaign. It will SEO such as setting different keywords such as “Valentine” “travel” “love” “memory” “luggage” and place the ads when people search for Valentine’s gift, luggage products, traveling places, etc. The landing page will be “love memory box” in LV website.

8.LV can measure the campaign through the number of email addresses they get from ”Deliver your love” campaign by Google. They can count how many people subscribe LV newsletter via the campaign and how many people participant in social media. For sales, LV can know directly how many people purchase customized monogram bag via their website.

9. Total: $11,300 to $20,300

3D animation commercial for ‘love memory box“ campaign: $6,000 to $15,000;

KOLs for “unbox your love” campaign on social media: 5 free gifts: 5 classical wallet; $530*5=$2,650

Free gifts for winners: 5 classical wallet $530*5=$2,650

10. Thank you in French! Bonus: Finally, the young lovers met each other and planed to start next journey.