Inside China’s Social Media Platforms

When we talk about China’s social media platforms, we specifically talk about three main social media, WeChat, Weibo, and Tmall.

No matter global or local business companies, they start to use WeChat to develop more personal relationship with customers in China. Through WeChat, companies can provide personal customized services, online activities which can reach specific consumers. Companies use Weibo as a general communication tool to build its brand image and have interaction with consumers yet not as personal as Weibo. It’s good to use Weibo to launch online campaigns to create buzz in consumer minds. Tmall as part of Alibaba, it’s a combination of Ebay and Amazon. Companies can open official visual stores on Tmall to sell products online. Tmall has gained 50% market share in China in 2014. To read more, check out Why western brands entering China should start with Tmall.

Here are some videos to introduce WeChat, Weibo, and Tmall, their effects, and how to use them to do business in China.

Inside China’s Social Media Platforms:

WeChat Is Not Whatsapp:

Weibo Is More Than Twitter:

To Know Alibaba, Know Tmall First: