Why Your Company Ruins Lead Generation on Twitter?

Lead generation is the hottest and most profitable tool for a company to identify its potential customers.  Data from Hinge Research Institute indicates that firms generating 60% of leads online are 2X more profitable than those generating less than 20% of leads online.

You may have jumped into lead generation on Twitter and feel confused why you are in the less than 20% group. Here are reasons.

Bad Tip 1: Word, Word, Word

When a company posts its Call-To-Action (CTA) on Twitter, most of them just post some boring words with no pictures or attractive offerings. How can you suppose consumers find your CTA and click through it to landing page? An ideal length of tweet is 100 characters and 40 characters for Facebook posts. Don’t try to fill out all characters in every tweet. Check out more ideal online content length .

Solution: Visualizing Your Call-To-Action (CTA)

It’s necessary for companies to visualize your CTAs with simple and attractive pictures, gifs, or short videos. An attractive picture can distinguish your post from other boring posts and increase the opportunity to click the link.


Bad Tip 2: Time, Time, Time

Twitter is messed up with information updates but it doesn’t mean your company needs to promote CTAs all the time. It’s easy to understand that no company promotes CTA at midnight. Find the right time with most active users can increase your CTAs exposure rates and click-through-rate.

Solution: Using Tools To Modify Your Time

Some social media tools such as Klout and Buffer can help you schedule your posts and identify the best time to share. They also recommend famous accounts to follow and articles to share based on your followers interests to increase your company’s influence.

Photo credit: @SiriusXMHits1